KBL e-commerce, Working to Get Its Swerve On, Continues to Improve

KBL e-commerce has a little ways to go before it is where it would like to be.  KBLe’s plans include enhancing its shopper’s experience by offering a more streamlined shopping experience.  KBLe wants to save time, eliminate the possibility for frustration, and truly offer an “Online Shopping Made Easy” shopping experience.

KBLe’s plans include a separate, more distinct way for shopper’s to find and purchase products from its private labels, KBL ActiveWear  and KBL CBD. To do this they will each have their own store or department. They will only sell the KBL brand. They can still be purchased when shopping by category too along with all the other products and brands in that category.

KBLe has also started the process of adding more recognizable name brands to its portfolio and is in the process of changing the way it categorizes its merchandise. It is important to stay uniform with the way the different search engines use product categories so when someone looks up the products KBLe sells it can be found to begin with. Google has recently changed the way they use categories. If you categorize a product differently than Google, it won’t be found in a Google search..

Once a product is found, KBLe values its shopper’s experience and wants its shoppers to enjoy a seamless shopper-friendly experience every time. It must be categorized using a system that accounts for its shopper’s experience.

KBLe is working out various kinks in its system that come with being a newer company. Although it has a little ways to go, it will get there. Most importantly, KBLe is getting there and its future looks bright.

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Kevin Barna, Author of "KBL Real Talk" Online Blog CEO | Managing Director for KB Logix Business Solutions KB Logix Business Solutions has possibly the most comprehensive menu of technology products, services, and solutions for businesses of any size, SMB to enterprise, and has partnerships and relationships with more than 300 top business technology service providers, e.g., telecom, internet, cloud, managed and more. CEO | Managing Director for KBL ecommerce KBL e-commerce, https://kblecommerce.com, has two Private Labels, KBL ActiveWear, engineered for Comfort, Style, and Performance. KBL ActiveWear has over 400 apparel products, primarily women's apparel products. At least 50% of the KBL ActiveWear line consists of high-quality women's activewear, fitness apparel such as leggings and sports bras and tops. KBL ActiveWear has numerous collections several from Italy and Brazil. The remainder of the KBL ActiveWear brand is primarily made up of women's apparel not categorized as activewear but designed for the active woman nonetheless, and includes pants, jeans and shorts, shirts, blouses and sweaters, dresses and skirts, underwear, and swimwear. The complete product line can be found at https://kblecommerce.com/kbl-activewear/. KBL e-commerce’ KBL CBD is the other Private Label. It is KBL e-commerce' CBD/Hemp product line, KBL CBD is of the very highest quality and it is FDA approved. There are a plethora of health and medicinal benefits from CBD/Hemp. Be sure to read the product descriptions when shopping. The complete product line can be found at https://kblecommerce.com/cbd/. In 2021 KBL e-commerce has added more designer fashion brands such as Prada, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, and others. KBLe offers ACOPOWER products including ACOSolar, solar products, e.g., portable solar panels, and LiONCooler, e.g., portable fridge/freezers. KBL has 295 product categories currently. Some of the KBL e-commerce categories include, Men's and Women's Fashion, Men's and Women's Clothing, Children's Clothing, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Clothing and Apparel Accessories, Men's, Women's, And Children's Footwear; Shoes, Heels, Boots, Sandals, Flats, Jewelry; Rings, Earrings, Necklaces & Pendants, Bracelets, Watches, Sunglasses, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Electronics, Outdoors & Recreation, Sporting Goods, Camping, Fitness, Bags & Luggage, Backpacks, Baby & Toddler, Toys & Games, and more. Kevin started his career in Virginia Beach Virginia working for sales and marketing companies Waves Marketing & Platinum Vacation Services providing tours and selling Vacation Ownership Packages. Kevin quickly worked his way up through the ranks and became the Vice President of Sales for Waves Marketing and Platinum Vacation Services. Kevin was hired away from those companies by Fairfield Resorts in Williamsburg, Virginia, Fairfield's flagship location and top producing property, as their Director of Marketing. Fairfield, at that time, was the largest resort company in North America in terms of customers. In less than two years at that position, near the end of 1999, Kevin was promoted to Fairfield's corporate office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as the Director of Welcome Center Operations where he traveled four out of five weeks to various Fairfield Resort locations throughout the nation. Kevin was hired to implement many of the profitable systems created while at Waves Marketing and Platinum Vacation Services and were improved while in Williamsburg. Cendant, a multi-billion dollar holding company acquired Fairfield and consolidated the corporate offices to Orlando in 2001. Shortly thereafter the events of September 11, 2001 took place and changed the landscape even further. Kevin decided not to make the move to Orlando as his then wife did not want to relocate under the circumstances and with kids in school. The economy abruptly took a turn for the worse because of the effects of 9/11/2001. Kevin decided to get into the mortgage business and started his career at Florida Mortgage Funding in Fort Lauderdale. Kevin excelled at Florida Mortgage Funding, got his mortgage broker’s license, and quickly took a job with Nations Mortgage. Within the first eighteen months at Nations Mortgage Kevin became a manager at one of the Nations Mortgage offices located at their headquarters in the Coral Springs Financial Plaza in Coral Springs, Florida. Kevin did very well the first month and was in that position just a few months when a branch manager position came available at the Lake Worth, Florida branch. Lake Worth was the the first office opened and consistently finished in last place amongst the other Nations Mortgage offices. Kevin decided to take the position as his wife did not want to move and this was the closest branch, a forty-five-minute drive. In Kevin’s first month at the helm, the Lake Worth office finished as the number two office in loans and number one in revenues. The second month Lake Worth was the number one office in both loans closed and revenues generated. For the next eight months Lake Worth maintained its position as the top office. Kevin decided to make a move to Port Saint Lucie, Florida, with the intentions of opening his own mortgage company. It was not long after that the market conditions abruptly changed in the mortgage industry Th conditions were not favorable. Kevin started selling telecommunications in 2007 at One Source Communications in Pompano, Florida. It was not long before Kevin was selling T1’s, PRI’s, various phone systems, shortly thereafter, Fiber Optics, SIP, Hosted PBX, Dedicated Internet Access, and more through Verizon and AT&T. Kevin established a presence in the Hospitality industry selling solutions to primarily Marriott, Hilton, and IHG brand hotels in early 2015. Those three hotel groups attribute to about two-thirds of the hotel rooms in the world. Kevin was invited by the Verizon Global Executive Team for Marriott Hotels to be part of their team in 2015 In 2017 Kevin started KB Logix Business Solution. KB Logix Business Solutions now has access to over 300 of the world’s top business technology service providers. In 2020 during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, KB Logix Business Solutions started KBL e-commerce, the offspring of KB Logix Business Solutions. The idea was to establish more of a digital footprint to utilize all the benefits todays technology has to offer from a marketing perspective and future-proof the business plan moving forward.

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